Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pretty in Pink, and Purple - Stage 1: Planning

For my first Etsy piece, I wanted to make something fun, eye-catching, and purchase-worthy.  Digging through my mounds of crafting supplies for inspiration, I came across some pink pearls and purple tatting thread which I thought looked lovely together.  Every little girl needs a little something special to wear in their hair!

Color Palette
As you can see from my inspiration above, I am not afraid of color.  In fact, I think adding a little (or a lot!) of color to a tatted piece helps it look more modern and fun.  So, I have chosen a color palette based on my inspiration above.  I plan for the tatting itself to just be the darker purple, but I designed the fun little graphic below to give you a snapshot of my color palettes for projects going forward.

From the top image you can see most of the materials I plan to integrate into this headband; a stretchy infant-sized purple headband, pink and white pearl beads, a light pink dyed hackle pad from The Feather Place, and size 20 Lizabeth tatting thread in Lilac Dk. (col. 641) from Handy Hands Tatting.  Handy Hands, and their Lizabeth thread, both come highly recommended from me.  I used to use nothing by DMC Pearle Cotton in a size 5, however, as it became increasingly harder to find in the size I like I tried ordering the Lizabeth thread from Handy Hands.  Now, I use nothing but!

Tatted Medallion
In the spirit of winter season, I decided to integrate a vintage tatted snowflake pattern into my design.  I am not sure what portion of the pattern may or may not be copyrighted, so I will not be sharing the pattern this time.  However, I have done a few test snowflakes to practice at the pattern prior to this project.  These are not all complete, and I have been avoiding sewing in the ends, but this will give you a good approximation of what the tatted medallion for the headband will look like.

Come back tomorrow for this project's Stage 2, and my favorite part, the tatting!


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